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Building automation system: 
    As our company's products are small and can be installed in tilted and inverted direction, they are particularly suitable for air conditioning and firefighting systems in the buildings. The opening degree of firefighting electric signal butterfly valve made by our company can be checked in the control room, and can be connected with the computer network, realizing the automation of firefighting event. It is the updated product of the traditional manual signal butterfly valve. The products fully meet IP68 level of protection and can be used indoors and outdoors, high sky and deep sea. Typical projects: Central Television Studio, Olympic Stadium Nest, China Hi-tech Fair Exhibition Center, Shenzhen Subway, Guangzhou Subway and so on. 
Papermaking automation control system: 
  The products are particularly suitable for ball valve. In the design of automatic control system, the control proposal of single-phase actuator is more convenient. Therefore, the electric valve has been widely applied in the paper pulp concentration control system, steam moisture control system and quantitative control system. Typical projects: Chenming Paper, Nine Dragons Paper, Vinda Paper and so on.
Steel mill:
  High reliability and IP68 protective level performance of our products can meet the harsh conditions of steel works, so that our company's products can play an important role in steel works. Typical projects: Benxi Iron and Steel, Anshan Steel and Iron Works, Handan Iron and Steel Group and so on. 
Electricity control system: 
   Our electric actuators play an important role in power plants also. Regulation type, switch type and all kinds of signal output types can meet the needs of different occasions. Beijing Huaneng Power Plant has been equipped more than 700 sets of such electric actuators in one time.
   Kiln and boiler temperature control system: The fuel regulating temperature control system of kiln (such as ceramic kiln) and the water level continuous adjustment system of the boiler are major application area of our products. 
Shipbuilding industry:
   Our products have passed the appraisal by relevant departments, and are selected as the parts of guided missile armed destroyers in China. DC voltage drive series products are especially suitable for all types of ship automation systems.
Chemical industry:
   The leading enterprises in petroleum chemical industry, such as Daqing Oilfield, are using our products.
Brewing and beverage industry: 
  Compact and beautiful electric stainless steel ball valves are especially suitable for beer, liquor, soft drink and food industries.




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