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Chinese fine small electric head founders
  Mr. Xiao Yuechao, the sponsor of China electric valve website, the founder of China precise small electric actuator, the founder of the company, graduated from Tsinghua University in the early 1980s, was engaged mainly in mechanical & electrical integration and other high and new technology. He has studied in foreign countries for many times and known very well the recent developments in this field in the world. Under the leadership of Mr. Xiao, our company's technical people are brave on renovation, good at exploration, have developed a series of applied technologies, got a number of national patents since 1992. It is no doubt that Mr. Xiao is the founder of mini valve electric device industry in China. Our company is also leading the trend in this area and becomes the model followed by all partners in this area.
“Quality first, technology-oriented" is our company's business philosophy.
  Our research and development team has been committed to the continuous development and innovation, therefore, our company has the most product varieties, most extensive coverage and most excellent product quality in the industry. We not only implements JB/T8219-1999 standard, but also have the certificates of CE and CSA international certifications, are admired very much by the people in the market.
  We are favorable in the customers due to our excellent and comprehensive products and never make annoyance calls, unannounced invasion and offensive interference as made often by some sales people in the society. IP68 protection level, all-weather application, and extra-long two year warranty, all of these advantages can let you feel relaxed totally.
  In any respect, we will follow the purpose of "customer first, change for customer", and try every means to cater to your every request. If you have special requirements on technologies, products, delivery and payment, or the unique needs in installation and commissioning, we will try our best to meet your demand.




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